I spend quite a bit of time in Bend and surrounding areas, but this was my first visit to Goodlife Brewing. Quite honestly, it wasn’t really on my radar other than having heard the name.

Being a semi-rainy day I opted for spending the day indoors, a brew pub that I’ve not been to before.  Goodlife was a pleasant surprise. I went with Sweet As for my first beer; low IBUs with a good malt character, quite well balanced. I wanted another, but knew I should try something else, otherwise I might stay beyond what would be prudent. Descender IPA.  I’m not sure if it’s their “go-to” beer but it probably should be, it’s very good and I’m usually hit or miss with IPAs.

I’m always glad to find a new micro-brewery, although there are only so many days in the week and too many great options in the Pacific NW. It’s a dilemma I’m happy to face.



Whole-Grain Dijon Mustard Ingredients (500 Tasty Sandwiches)

We were inspired to develop a recipe for our own Whole-Grain Dijon Mustard from a charcuterie plate we had at the Newark airport of all places. Don’t judge. Sharp but not to the point of being gimmicky and wonderfully textured, the mustard paired perfectly with our selection of meats and…

Guess what my weekend project is?  


A strange sense of anticipation and excitement comes over me when I walk into a specialty grocer and see a well stocked cheese case. What will I discover? How many samples will they let me try before the guilt kicks in and I need to commit to a couple?

The craft behind good cheese making amazes me. How a few simple ingredients can transform into such a diverse array of styles and textures. I suppose it’s the same as beer making, wine making and distilling - all of which also amaze me. But cheese, when done with care and craft… I love it.  Probably too much.  

A few of my local favorite places to browse - Cheese Bar http://cheese-bar.com/ Foster and Dobbs http://fosteranddobbs.com and Pastaworks http://pastaworks.com


Welcome to my blog!  

I’m not really sure why I (and most bloggers) decide to start talking publicly on a subject. I have no delusions of being an expert, but I do have a passion. I think maybe it’s a way to connect to others with the same passion, share what I come across and experience.

So, this blog is dedicated to people who have a passion for their craft. Makers who care about what they are creating; food, art, furniture, beer, wine, pottery, glassware, jewelry. If you are an artisan and love what you do, I honor you.

First up, my dining room table.  A few years back I met a man, he is not a furniture maker but loves to work with wood and is quite good at it. I dated him, part of the attraction was his desire to get dirty, work with his hands and make things.  Very sexy.  Anyway, about three months into dating, I needed a new dining room table. I didn’t want to buy a $1500 table that “looked” rustic and elegant, so he offered to make me one.  I was a little skeptical; I didn’t know what he was capable of. I put him on a tight deadline, I needed it in time for Thanksgiving dinner that year. He worked long nights to get it done for me, and it was done… about 12 hours before I had family over.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from a mental institution (no kidding), hand planed and several coats of polyurethane. I love the grain variation, the visible old-school square nail holes. This thing will last forever because it’s heavier than shit.  

And, yes. I married the man.  About 3 months ago.