Welcome to my blog!  

I’m not really sure why I (and most bloggers) decide to start talking publicly on a subject. I have no delusions of being an expert, but I do have a passion. I think maybe it’s a way to connect to others with the same passion, share what I come across and experience.

So, this blog is dedicated to people who have a passion for their craft. Makers who care about what they are creating; food, art, furniture, beer, wine, pottery, glassware, jewelry. If you are an artisan and love what you do, I honor you.

First up, my dining room table.  A few years back I met a man, he is not a furniture maker but loves to work with wood and is quite good at it. I dated him, part of the attraction was his desire to get dirty, work with his hands and make things.  Very sexy.  Anyway, about three months into dating, I needed a new dining room table. I didn’t want to buy a $1500 table that “looked” rustic and elegant, so he offered to make me one.  I was a little skeptical; I didn’t know what he was capable of. I put him on a tight deadline, I needed it in time for Thanksgiving dinner that year. He worked long nights to get it done for me, and it was done… about 12 hours before I had family over.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from a mental institution (no kidding), hand planed and several coats of polyurethane. I love the grain variation, the visible old-school square nail holes. This thing will last forever because it’s heavier than shit.  

And, yes. I married the man.  About 3 months ago.

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